How to Change the “Just Another WordPress Site” Tagline

How to Change the “Just Another WordPress Site” Tagline

Are you wondering how to change your tagline “Just Another WordPress Site” from your header or title bar? After Installing your WordPress website, you would want to change the title and tagline of your page.
This is the start of our beginners guide series and we will help you revamp your WordPress site just like a professional.
What is Tagline?
The tagline is a short description of your entire website. WordPress default tagline is “Just Another WordPress Site”, Obviously you don’t want to use that tagline would you?
If it were me obviously wouldn’t want “Just Another WordPress Site” as my webpage tagline.
[In some themes only the tagline is visible, some you won’t see the tagline so choose your theme based on that.]
There are 2 methods for changing the tagline, you can choose whichever methods it doesn’t matter.
METHOD 1: Change Tagline by using WordPress settings
Login to your WordPress dashboard then goes to Setting>>General, where you will see the tagline.
You can edit the field and change it to whatever you want, better stick to describe what your website is all about.
Don’t forget to save the change you have made in the tagline.
METHOD 2: Change tagline by using WordPress’s Theme Customizer
We can also change the tagline from Theme Customizer.
Go to your dashboard then go to Appearance>>Customize
It will redirect you to a live preview of the theme page.
On the left top side, you will find Site Identity click it and it will expand/open you will see a text field where you can change your tagline and title of your website. In some themes, the tagline will under different locations in the customizer.
After changing your tagline you need to publish it so that you can save the change.
If you don’t want a tagline you can delete the tagline and it will not show up.
You can use either one of the methods to change the tagline of your WordPress website. Now you know how to change the tagline of your WordPress page, that was easy right. If you are wondering how to start a blog by yourself. You can subscribe to us on Facebook and Twitter.

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