How to Add Link in WordPress Website

How to Add Link in WordPress Website?

Have you wondered how to add links to the WordPress website? There are lots of places where you can add links. Here we will see where you can add links and how can we add links too.
You can add links in post, page, button, embed the social post, embed video links, social links, etc.
Hyperlinks also know as links will allow users to discover more content and keep them engaged without having to navigate out of your website. Links can be directed to the same website or different websites, in the further article, we will explain much more detailed uses of links in-depth and how it affects SEO.
How to add Post or Page links?
Links are a common way to share information in blogs and social media. Adding a link to your post is very easy.
To add links you have to create a new post or page or edit an existing one. To make a new post or page you can click on the “Add New” button on the top left side and a new post or page will be created.
Now after typing some text or sentence you want to hyperlink it and then select it and click on the insert link/edit link button. Copy URL you wanted to Paste on post/page, to which you want it to be linked. Click enter to save the URL you have entered.


add link in wordpress

If you wanted to add the URL of the same site just search in the link window and select, apply enter to save it.

add link by searching word in wordpress
You wanted to open the link on a new tab instead of the same tab then, enable the “Open in new tab” option.
add button in wordpress
Adding links using WordPress HTML Editor
You can also add a link to your post manually by editing the page as HTML and follow like the example given below.
Use html editor in Gutenberg
If you have basic CSS knowledge you can customize color, fonts, etc.
html code on your block
Adding link using Classic WordPress Editor
If you are using Classic WordPress Editor you can see the link button as shown in the image below. Select text and click on the link button and paste the URL.
adding link in old WP editor
Pasting URL Directly on text
You can add links by selecting text and paste your URL directly by right click and paste it or Cntrl+V, the result will be the same.
add link on wordpress by pasting url
How to add links on the Button?
WordPress Gutenberg (Version 5.0.0 Onward) has a built-in button block, you can add it fairly easily. Create a new post or page, click the (+) icon to create a new block, and then select the layout elements option you will see a button block or you can search button block and add it.

add button and link wordpress

You can change button text by simply clicking the button and typing it. Copy and Paste URL in the link box below to specify were does it will redirect you when the button is clicked.
add link on button and settings
The button block is fully customizable, can change the alignment, font, and color of the button box and text. Also can change link settings like “open link in a new tab” or adding “no follow”.
Adding Button on WordPress Classic Editor
If you are using WordPress Classic Editor you will need to install plugins to add a button, what I used before was Shortcodes Ultimate plugin with that you can add buttons (can customize how the button looks) and a lot more.
Step 1: After installing Shortcodes Ultimate, It will be available on the left side of the WordPress dashboard. Select the plugin and select the button block from it.


click button on shortcode ulimate
Step 2: Copy the button Short code.
copy the shortcode and paste it on wordpress post
Step 3: Place the Short Code on the post were you want it and preview the button on your website. You can also modify link in the short code.
add button on wordpress old editor
How to Add Nofollow Links?
NoFollow is a type of link which says to a search engine that not to use it on page rank calculation, Search engine doesn’t crawl the nofollow links.
To make a Nofollow link, while adding a link you can see a checkbox asking for rel=”nofollow” select it and apply the link.
create nofollow link on wordpress new editor
You can also add this manually in the HTML text editor use Rel=”nofollow” HTML Tag to tell search engines that ignore this link.
Nofollow link looks like this:
<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>WPBlogX</a>
Adding a Nofollow link by using WordPress Classic Editor
If you are using Classic WordPress Editor you need to install the “Title and Nofollow For Linksplugin to enable the no-follow option.

add nofollow link by using [lugin

How to add the link as Content Card?
Wouldn’t it be great if we could just paste a link and it will be shown as a content card?
For example, If your favorite star wrote something on Twitter or Facebook and you wanted to show it on your website.
It is pretty easy, just copy the Twitter or Facebook post URL and paste it to paragraph block and the preview of the tweet or post will be shown.


If you want to add a Social Content Card install some plugins and you can insert those inside the post or page.
How to add the Menu link?
You have added a couple of pages to your website and how will you navigate it?
Customers will have a difficult time if they don’t know where to go!
By making links to each page in the menu, they will be able to navigate faster and hassle-free user experience.

add link in navigation menu

Add Link in Widgets?
A widget is a block of content that can be placed in Sidebar, Footer, etc.
Adding links in the widget will show up in the footer or sidebar which will make your user experience much better. Users can navigate easily.
add link widgets
How to Embed Video Links?
Adding video to your post is a very excellent way to engage users. It is very easy to embed the video in WordPress just paste the link where you want the video and it is done!
Just paste the URL of the video and it will automatically fetch the video and display it. You can customize the alignment, width, and length of the video.
WordPress will do auto-embed for supported video services, others you will need to add HTML embed code and paste in ‘custom HTML’ block in editor.
Some of the supported video services are:
  • Amazon
  • Dailymotion
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Hulu
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Scribd
  • Spotify
  • TED
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
What are Affiliate Links?
It’s a special URL where the ID of products or username of the affiliate, which is used to track from where the traffic is coming from. Based on sales affiliates get commission.
Usually affiliate links will be pretty long and it looks awkward but you can shorten affiliate links by using plugins such as Thirsty Affiliates.
Step1: Copy affiliate generated URL into “Thirsty Affiliates” plugin into destination URL and add title for your links, so that you can identify which affiliate does it belong. After that click save link to finish.
add affiliate link by using Thirsty affiliate
Step2: Enter affiliate link into your post or page is similar to how you add a link to text
Select text and click “Thirsty Affiliates” Icon in WordPress text Editor.
add affiliate link in post step one
Step3: Now can search your affiliate links here and insert into the selected text.
You can use different methods to add links into your WordPress website. Now you know how to add links in your WordPress page. If you are wondering how to start a blog by yourself you can read this article. You can subscribe to us on Facebook and Twitter.

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