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Brizy Pro Review – Page Builder WordPress Plugin

I have been using Brizy for my agency related work and it has been a fabulous experience for me. That’s why I am taking my time writing Brizy review for the WordPress plugin. No questions asked its most user-friendly Page builder you will find in WordPress. No designer or developer skills required. Best drag and drop plugin for WordPress.

Brizy pro plugin, that grabs your view towards it. If you are a fan of just drag and drop option, then no wonder Brizy is an apt choice for your website. It gives you a modernized and beautiful layout without even touching a single piece of code.

If you want to get first-hand experience, the feature which is exclusively for Brizy pro. You can get the lifetime offer, which is available for limited time with pre-sale only and will not be available after the launch of Brizy Pro.

Note: Once you purchased this plugin, and if you are not satisfied with this product after release, you have 30 days money back guaranteed (counted from the launch of the Pro).

WordPress page builder

You don’t have to put any effort or technical knowledge to work with Brizy. You just have to select a layout and you can edit it by just removing and dragging the elements. Brizy offers you a different editing experience than working with other page builders.

I Love its sleek design. Simple design and pack a lots features for a sleek design. It was very shocking to me, how it possible! Hats off to developer team to pull it off, Great Job.

Brizy team has great reliability as they have been in the WordPress field for around 10 years. Brizy Pro plugin roadmap has mouth drooling feature which all want there hand on. Themefuse has been working on this Brizy project for around 12 months now.

Brizy Pro Review – Plugin Features:

Brizy Pro Plugin has all the features of Brizy Free plus additional features as follows. These are the main highlight of Brizy Pro.

Brizy Pro Dynamic Content

1. Dynamic Content

You can easily customize the dynamic parts of your WordPress website using the brizy plugin. In brizy pro, they have made changes and advancement in the development life cycle. They planned to make a deep integration with tools like Pods, Toolset, and ACF.

Dynamic Content usually used when you make template that are applied to blog post, archive post, custom post etc. They contain image, text, links. After publishing template, all the blog post added via the regular WordPress interface will use your template created only.

2. Premium Designs

Actually speaking, only if your website looks beautiful, it would grab the visitors attention. Brizy Pro, themes are built by Themefuse a well-renowned theme builder. You can expect to use Themefuse’s wonderful premium pages and themes, in Brizy Pro. There is also an option to start with the pre-designed template.

Brizy Pro Premium Designs

If you wanted to stylize your website more (not necessary but good to have more customization option), you can use full advantage of Custom CSS. With the help of Custom CSS you can modify how ever you want. There is two selectors that will let you make targeted custom CSS with ease.

  • element{…}  select the wrapper for the element you are adding CSS to
  • element.child-element{…}  select any child in the element you are targeting if you know that child’s class.

Custom CSS

3. Header and Footers

You can find the option header and footer in Brizy free, but in Brizy Pro version, there is an advanced feature like a Static Header, Fixed Header, Sticky header, pre-made designs and much more.

Brizy Pro Header and Footer

In Static header, header will stay where it is. This is default header block you can use in your design. With Fixed header, here header will stay fixed with scroll. It is wonderful, if you need main menu to be accessible from any were. Whats great about Sticky header is that it composed of two parts: Actual header and a Sticky container that will appear on scroll. you can add there anything you want using the regular Brizy elements. Besides the regular options, you can change color, background, shadows and more.

Brizy Pro Review


4. 3rd Party Integration

With Brizy Pro Plugin, you will be able to integrate with the 3rd party tools. For example, you can use the premium fonts from the Typekit account, you can add attractive images from Unsplash, and you can integrate the mailing platforms using MailChimp or Campaign Monitor. Here is some 3rd party integration you can expect.

  • Typekit
  • Campaign MonitorBrizy Pro Review
  • MailChimp
  • AWeber
  • Salesforce
  • Unsplash
  • Zapier
  • HubSpot
  • MailerLite
  • Autopilot
  • SendGrid
  • Drip

These 3rd party integration will give additional functionalities to your website that makes your website look wonderful without letting you face unnecessary issues. Just need to allow Brizy to access your service account via API access and you are good to go. You can even have multiple services active at same time too. Leads will be saved in Lead tab under Brizy.

5. Pop-up Builder

Pop up builder Brizy Pro

Here you will be able to design pop-up banners, call-to-action windows, and much more features. This feature is widely for everyone, especially very useful for marketers and agencies. You need not require any technical stuff to work with it. You just have to handle the tools in a right way.


A Popup can be added to any element that has the link option on the toolbar, let it be text,image, button or icon. For now popups can be activated onClick only. They have planed to add certain conditions such as: onScroll, time on page, onExit etc.

Brizy Pro Popup Builder

6. Role Manager

Actually, this feature protects your design and structure from your clients. This feature allows the Role Manager to limit the task like what client can edit. You can restrict the limit if they don’t want to interfere with your design layout of the page.

No Access – the user will not be able to use Brizy to edit pages.

Full Access – the user has full access to all the Brizy tools to edit pages.

Limited Access – the user has limited access to Brizy’s features. User can input content only and will not be able to break or ruin the page layout.

Brizy Pro Role Manager

7. Advance Forms

Already Brizy free uses the best contact form, but in the Brizy Pro version, it comes with the most wonderful and splendor features of the contact form. You will be stunned using the forms.

Brizy Pro Advance Forms

8. A/B Testing

A/B is actually a split testing, where you will be able to compare two version of the webpage, you make call it as the variant in order to determine which one performs better.White Label

9. White Label

Of course, It won’t be a Brizy Pro version without a white label. We will be able to brand your own logo and name. All reference of Brizy name will be removed so you can brand it as your own product.

Pricing and Plans

There are 3 Plans Available for Brizy Pro

  1. Personal
  2. Studio
  3. Lifetime ( Till Release only )

Brizy Pro Pricing


Brizy Pro version is yet to release, the lifetime offer is available for limited time with pre-sale only and will not be available after the launch of Brizy Pro.

Brizy Pro Page Builder WordPress

Brizy PRO Lifetime includes:

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Lifetime Update
  • Lifetime Support
  • White Label
  • 2 Year Access to Brizy Cloud
  • Unlimited Hosted Domains

The amount may drastically increase as it closes to the release of Brizy Pro version. Brizy Pro is mainly for web agencies, developers and web designers in mind so functionality is tailor fit for them.

There are currently no active Brizy Coupon or Brizy Discounts available as lifetime deal is going on. Why wait till Coupon comes out if you can get lifetime deal now itself. To get latest update check Brizy Blog.

But no wonder this page builder plugin will move your website to a higher level. You can buy this with no worries.

More close to the release, deal price increases! After release, Lifetime plan will not be available anymore. Only recurring yearly subscriptions will be available after that.

After release Brizy Pro will be offering yearly recurring plans only. Prices depending on the number of websites use and features included etc.

BrizyPro Review
  • Ease Of Use
  • Features and Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Customization
  • Customer Support


Brizy Pro isn’t just a drag-and-drop website builder. It isn’t like the most builder, which can make landing page only. With Brizy we can make not only make landing page but build all type of responsive webpage for all your needs. Brizy Pro is mainly for web agencies, developers and web designers in mind, so functionality is tailor fit for them. It has lots of great features you need to get your hands on. It provides a lot of customizations for all the things you can build with Brizy page builder.

Editorial Staff

Sandeep Achari, Co-founder of Webicle Media and Blogger who is very much interested in any technical things. One part Entrepreneur one part Blogger one part Designer one part Developer. Find him on twitter @smartu89

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  1. Hi, thanks for the review its great, but I was wondering if they have an integrated components to track page visits, etc.. similar to google analytics?

    1. Thanks for the feedback. They don’t have integration tools right now for page tracking, they are working on this module now. It will be available in a couple of weeks. I am waiting for that feature to come out too.

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